‘OME!’: Unhappiness reigns over Christine’s predictions


It was an exciting few days in the Free State for Brendan Peyper and the women fighting to win his heart.

In the latest installment of kykNET’s matchmaking program On my demand! this 27-year-old singer did not hesitate to share a kiss or two. However, the one girl who longed for a kiss, Sonel, had to leave the Free State without this dream ever coming true.

The episode kicked off with Jo visiting the ladies to find out if there was any truth to Natasha’s claims that someone in the house had told her that she would be going home next. Before long, Christine was outed as the culprit, with Chaunte loudly proclaiming that she was believed to be the next one in Christine’s sights.

“Christine, one of the girls told me that you tell the rest I’m next on the list to go home,” Chaunte said during the session with Jo. “I just want to know based on what you’re saying and why you feel that way.”

Christine defended herself and said that Natasha and Chaunte initially said that they did not feel a connection with Brendan, and that it was just an assumption that Brendan might send them home next.

She also emphasized that she was merely speculating, and that she did not have any ugly ulterior motives.

“We live in a time where we can say what we want, but we also live in a time where we can choose to use our words so as not to belittle others in front of others,” was Chaunte’s answer. Christine later confessed in her diary session that she was the one who felt humiliated and belittled by Chaunte’s words.

Thelmané, with whom Christine became friends, said in her own diary session that she had difficulty summarizing Chaunte.

“I think she might still be a little young,” she said.

Brendan hopes the girls “kiss like they dance”

After the unpleasant morning, Thelmané, Katja, Runet and Chaunte were invited to go on a date with Brendan.

The group had to learn several dances during the date, although Brendan kept falling back on what he was familiar with – sock.

After a fun date, he invited Runet to go on a solo date with him. However, Brendan made a mistake when he could not remember where Runet grew up.

Runet later admitted during her diary session that there are few things that bother her as much as when people can’t remember what you told them before. She then also mentioned that she is someone who places great value on listening carefully to people so that she does not have to ask the same questions again in the future.

After the date, neither she nor Brendan really knew where they stood with each other.

Swim little fish, swim

The second group date was with Sonel, Christine, Janae and Jonelle. Brendan took the women to test their fishing prowess.

He talked to each woman alone, with most of the conversations going well. He was able to get to know Jonelle, who recently became part of the group as an outside horse, better.

Brendan also took the opportunity to clear up the unpleasantness with Christine. After her explanation, he said that he suspected something like that, and that she has a very cute personality for him.

However, it was Janae who caught the Brendan’s eye, and after a short ride on a pedal boat, the kisses were shared anew. Although they thought that no one could see them, the rest of the girls could clearly see that they were kissing.

This kiss particularly upset Sonel. She already said early in the series that she would like to kiss Brendan. However, that dream was dashed when, during their one-on-one session, he decided to send her home instead.

“It’s not nice to be around reject to be, especially not by Brendan Peyper,” said Sonel in a diary session.

“This is a stone in my path, and I still believe 100% in love. I have my idea of ​​what love is, and I believe that I will find it one day.”

  • On my demand! is broadcast every Thursday evening at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.