One stays, no more two slide into ‘OME!’


The peace on the Uitzicht game farm just outside Fouriesburg was disturbed with the arrival of two new girls in this week’s episode of On My Claim!.

These two outside horse participants, Mariska Jacobs and Jonelle Spammer, were chosen for the program by Brendan’s grandmother. The arrival of Mariska and Jonelle surprised not only the girls, but Brendan as well.

“Just yesterday I said goodbye to two girls, and now two new ones are walking in. Whats going on here?” asked Brendan, who had sent Jané and Nadia home last week, in a daze.

Immediately after their arrival, Mariska, Jonelle, Rachelle, Chaunté and Sonel were chosen to go on a date with Brendan. The ladies had to face a course full of targets like Waffer sharpshooters, which they had to hit as accurately and quickly as possible with a paintball gun. In the end, it was Sonel who launched the challenge, and a one-on-one date with Brendan.

That date went well, although Sonel didn’t get the physical touch she craved. Brendan admitted in his own diary session that he really just had to kiss her, but that his previous date and kiss with Janae kept haunting his mind.

After the appointment, Brendan decided to invite Rachelle, Natasha, Luzaan and Mariska on a walking date. Although it initially looked like a positive visit, it quickly became clear that Brendan had to send someone home again.

He initially invited Mariska and Natasha to sit to one side with him, but after a question or two decided to give Natasha another chance. However, Mariska was not so lucky. He had barely met her when he asked her to pack her bags again.

“Mariska, I think I’m going to have to say goodbye to you today,” Brendan said to the two women. “We haven’t had enough time to get to know each other better, but I wish you the best. You really deserve someone who will give you everything you are looking for. Good luck with everything going forward.”

Mariska shed a tear during her last diary session.

“I just feel he could have given me more time,” said a sad Mariska. “You have to get comfortable with someone before you can show your true colors. I don’t feel he gave me that time.”

After he returned with Natasha to the other two women, he did not wait for him to invite Luzaan for a visit alone. However, it wasn’t to get to know her better.

“This doesn’t get any easier for me. It’s not fun for me. The reason why I wanted to talk to you alone is to tell you that there is not yet a strong connection from my side,” he told Luzaan.

“I think that I don’t open myself up enough to people,” Luzaan said during her diary session. “I don’t put myself in a position to get hurt.”

When he arrived at Rachelle and Natasha’s, again without the girl he had been talking to, Natasha offered to go for a walk for a while so that Brendan and Rachelle could spend some time alone.

“There’s just something about Rachelle that makes me feel comfortable,” said Brendan, who also hesitated to kiss her. He finally decided to save their first kiss for later.

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