Only 19% of SA’ers abroad want to return


Less than a fifth of the South Africans currently living abroad are determined to return to the country.

Instability and security in their home country as well as better job opportunities abroad are, according to them, the main reasons behind their decision to live abroad.

Recent research conducted by The TEFL Academy shows that only 19% of South Africans living abroad want to return home without a doubt.

“As many as 25% of respondents say they are definitely not going to return, 43% claim they are still deciding and 19% are determined about their prospects of returning to their home country,” reads a statement from The TEFL Academy.

According to the research, better job prospects are the biggest reason why many South Africans choose to live abroad.

“A follow-up survey conducted by The TEFL Academy among 948 South Africans – currently living abroad – shows that almost 40% emigrate to obtain better opportunities.

“Even if there are job opportunities in South Africa, the money they offer is absolutely laughable. Not to mention how time consuming it is. My degree taught me a lot and it helped me to be a better teacher, but it didn’t help me get a job in my own country,” said a participant in the research.

Interestingly, only 7.8% of those surveyed cited the high cost of living in South Africa as their reason for moving abroad.

“While this suggests that South Africans may not be struggling with the cost of living as much as some politicians may fear, they are aware that more profitable and more stable pastures can be offered overseas.”