‘Only action can turn SA around’ – Herman Mashaba


Herman Mashaba, president of ActionSA, says that it is only action that can lift the ruling party from the pillows to replace it with a government that puts the needs of South Africa first.

Mashaba unveiled ActionSA’s election poster at the Carlton Center in Johannesburg on Friday.

“This year we have the opportunity to try something new. But we can’t do that if we are armchair critics or if we sit on our hands. I realized this when I entered politics in 2015. I made the decision to do something, and today I ask you to do the same.”

He says contrary to what some people want us to believe, South Africans do not need to be saved. “In a democracy, citizens are not helpless victims waiting to be rescued like drowning people at sea. No, South Africans are strong and resilient and have the ability to make decisions that can determine their future. They have the power to restore South Africa if they take action. It is only action that can save South Africa.”

Mashaba says it was ordinary South Africans who took action when they were faced with the biggest crises. “In a time of a failing government, enterprising, hardworking and innovative citizens and the private sector intervened to stand up against the Covid-19 pandemic. They repaired potholes, generated power and protected their communities from crime. It is only action that can save South Africa.”

He says action must be taken now to vote for a new government that can end load shedding, restore the legal order, grow the economy and create millions of new jobs.

“We cannot expect a different result if we keep doing the same thing. We cannot expect things to change if we continue to vote for the ruling party. We must be brave and consider a new alternative that will unite South Africans with the common goal of restoring the country we love.”