Operations, emperors continue amid water crisis


Rumors that a water shortage is halting operations at the Robert Sobukwe Hospital in Kimberley appear to be untrue. On the contrary, the hospital staff work tirelessly to make sure that there is an adequate water supply to the hospital.

So says Dr. Wynand Boshoff, the FF Plus’ leader in the Northern Cape.

There has been great concern lately when allegations have been circulating that essential operations could not be carried out due to a water shortage.

The FF Plus was informed earlier that two women who needed caesareans could not be operated on due to a lack of water. People from right across the Northern Cape are referred to the Robert Sobukwe Hospital for serious or major operations.

The FF Plus decided to investigate itself and with dr. Vincent Tsolo, acting chief executive of the hospital, contacted.

“He gave the assurance that treatment would indeed continue and invited the FF Plus to visit the hospital complex itself. Councilor Kobus van den Berg was there within an hour and was greeted by Dr. Tsolo and his department heads were taken by the hospital,” says Boshoff.

According to Boshoff, it was clear that there are indeed water problems, but that the problem is receiving the necessary attention, and that all theaters do have water.

The patients in question who have been brought to the attention of the FF Plus have apparently not yet been operated on due to clinical factors.

“Since health is important to everyone, the FF Plus welcomes the hospital’s transparent approach to the problem.”

Various parts of the country have been struggling with unplanned water interruptions or even water shortages for the past week.