Orania resident shows strength with African record


Tommie de Nysschen regularly trains on his own. Sommer there in the garden under the big tree of his house in Orania while Bismarck – his Jack Russell – keeps a watchful eye on everything.

And now, at the age of 60, he boasts a South African, African and Commonwealth record to his name.

De Nysschen, who in the o. 74 kg weight category for participants between 60 and 70 years of age, stood on the top step of the podium during the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championship at Sun City.

His opponents’ eyebrows must have raised along with the weights when he lifted 135 kg in the bench press event (bench press) pushed up.

“It took years of hard practice; something like that doesn’t just happen in one year. I am very proud of myself because I know how many hours I put in. At the same time, you also feel humble because you know that the other guys prepared just as hard,” De Nysschen told RNews.

AND THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION… FROM ORANIA! Orania’s own Tommie de Nysschen broke the records at the International Powerlifting Federation’s bench press world championship! During the competition, which took place this year on May 20 at Sun City, Tommie in the under 74kg weight group, for the age group 60-70 years old, lifted 135kg and improved South African, African and Commonwealth records! Excellent Tommie, and congratulations!

Posted by Orania on Monday, May 29, 2023

He says that he stopped playing rugby at the age of 27 and only started honing his gym skills more seriously in 2014.

“In my playing days things were different than today. You trained on the field, worked and played games on Saturdays.”

Players had to rely on their natural strength to outwit the other team.

According to De Nysschen, his best bench press attempt is actually 145 kg, but then he weighed 10 kg more.

“Last year I made the decision to enter the o. 74 category and it required a lot of discipline – especially when it comes to your eating and exercise habits.”

It must have been quite an adjustment. After all, body weight also plays an important role in this sport.

He was initially able to push up 20 kg less, but soon he was back to his best.

“I train three times a week and each session lasts about two hours. Sometimes I also hone my skills at the Gemsbok sports institute, but I enjoy the outdoors.”

In the winter months, the cold makes things significantly more difficult, but before long his training plan ensures that his muscles are warm again.

De Nysschen first starts with lighter weights and maximum repetitions, after which things gradually get heavier.

“It’s just a combination of muscle building and lifting heavier weights. You’ll never get stronger if you don’t go heavier.”

Needless to say, he participates in competitions about monthly; After all, one has to do one’s part to qualify for the bigger championships.

“I would like to participate internationally. Next year there is another big meeting in Texas and I would like to do the same thing there as at Sun City. However, it is easy to win at home; when you have to fly 15,000 km, it’s definitely a different story.”

However, Tommie de Nysschen is someone who is willing to work hard to achieve his goal. And now it is not altemit.