Ospreys trample down Lions’ whine


The Lions will not want to remember their visit to Swansea in Wales for long, because it resulted in their attack on a place in the top eight of the United Rugby Championship taking a big hit and maybe even gone with it.

After the Lions achieved a historic first victory over Connacht in Galway last Saturday, they moved up to eighth in the table and began to beckon a place in the play-offs.

The Lions were full of spirit and enterprise, they stretched the ball wide at full speed while the forwards gave Connacht nosebleeds.

But on Saturday in Swansea, which is an extremely uninspiring city without lights, all the good work was seemingly on the shelf, because they were without passion and drive.

The Ospreys edged the Lions 36-21 after leading 15-7 at halftime.

The home team deserved the victory, because for 65 minutes the Lions did not look like one of the contenders for a place in the play-offs.

The draw meant the Ospreys moved up to seventh place and the Lions, who failed to pick up any bonus points, dropped to 11th, although they are just one point behind the Ospreys.

What should give the Lions gray hair is that they turned the ball over 20 times and gave up possession 18 times.

Although they carried the ball 135 times, they showed little penetration.

The Lions didn’t use their chances either and only started to catch fire after an hour when Sanele Nohamba moved to fly-half and MornĂ© van den Berg breathed new life into scrum-half.

You also don’t want to complain about the referee every day, but how Andrew Brace let the Ospreys get away with a series of scrum offenses on their own goal line made you shake your head.

Nevertheless, the Lions have to look in the mirror this week, because such chances, especially against Welsh teams, sometimes come on a tray, but then they must be seized and used.

Scorers: Ospreys 36 (15); Tries: Tom Botha, Sam Parry, Morgan Morris, Lewis Lloyd, Owen Williams. Goal kick: Owen Williams (3), Jack Walsh. Penalty Goal: Owen Williams.

Lions: 21 (7): Tries: PJ Botha, Cuan Horn, Richard Kriel. Goal kicks Jordan Hendrikse (3).