‘Our journey is not over yet’


Despite the Proteas’ struggling performance in the third quarter of their World Cup match against Jamaica, Norma Plummer believes that the team will rise again.

South Africa play Trinidad and Tobago in Cape Town today at 18:00.

“We knew in advance that the Jamaica duel would be a very tough challenge – seven of their players play in the Super League and you can see it. Our players did well, but there were a few mistakes that cost us dearly. Still, I believe that these are things we can work on,” said the Protea netball coach.

The 78-year-old Aussie earlier celebrated her 100th victory as an international netball coach and she was undoubtedly persuaded to win more matches with the Proteas.

“Nobody likes to lose games, but we can certainly learn from it. Our journey is by no means over; there are still a few games waiting for us and anything can still happen.”

A few Protea players said in the run-up to the international netball spectacle that they wanted to play for a podium place.

“We will have to be better prepared for our remaining games if we want to progress further in the tournament. It would be naive to think that things will get easier; we will have to apply the lessons we learned in the Jamaica game.”

Protea fixtures for the coming week:

31 July: South Africa vs Trinidad and Tobago at 18:00

2 August: South Africa vs New Zealand at 6pm

3 August: South Africa vs Uganda at 16:00

Today’s terms:

09:00: Australia v Scotland and Zimbabwe v Barbados

11am: Wales v New Zealand and Fiji v Malawi

4pm: Jamaica v Uganda and Sri Lanka v Singapore

18:00: South Africa against Trinidad and Tobago and Tonga against England.