Paradise or crazy paradise?


By Johan Smith

I am sometimes amazed at what people lose and seem to believe.

A few years ago I was talking late at night with a new acquaintance who does not believe in the Bible. I provoked him a bit and he elaborated on his belief in alien beings from outer space, reincarnation and so on. His “faith” was a mixture of secular ideas and certain religious concepts from different faiths.

I have an interest in what people believe and had to congratulate him on his strong faith, since what he believes does indeed require strong faith! Faith asks that you take the step to believe in something you cannot see or necessarily prove. In contrast, we can be certain about things that can be scientifically proven, such as Newton’s law of gravity.

Yet we live in a world where more and more Western people believe in things against which there is irrefutable scientific evidence or which have proven bad outcomes. I refer specifically to the West because it is common knowledge that the West modernized first and was the bright spot of the world for a long time. Precisely about what Westerners believed (such as the Bible and consequent Christian values), but now no longer believe.

Thus, it is currently believed that biological men who “identify” as women are indeed women and therefore must participate in sports as women. Although it is common knowledge that testosterone makes biological men much stronger than women, this fact is simply ignored by liberal decision makers and sports bodies that want to be inclusive at all costs. After all, being inclusive means being good, at least that’s how it’s presented.

To object to this inclusivity these days necessarily means that you are a racist, a homophobe or a transphobe and that you discriminate against those who are different from you. So you are bad, hateful and should be cancelled.

The foregoing, despite serious injuries by women competing against men in contact sports and a string of new records in women’s sports, set by men! Recently, for example, an under-17 boys’ soccer team won the American women’s soccer team, who are the world champions. Just imagine the result if the women’s team had to play against a team of biologically mature men who identify as women!

This type of thinking is irrational and completely unfair to women. Yet Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the American women’s soccer team, is still one of the strongest advocates of the rights of transgender men to participate in women’s sports.

In a similarly irrational way, the Scottish Prime Minister sent a male serial rapist, who identifies as a woman (when it turns out the prison is his front country), to a women’s prison. The logical outcome was that the “woman” raped more women in prison, with catastrophic consequences for the weeks Nicola Sturgeon.

We therefore see more and more in liberal Western countries that people ignore facts and rational thinking in the interests of a set weeks-ideological beliefs with absurd outcomes.

Although in the past we thought that the foregoing was ridiculous and could not understand how anyone could believe it, we must now think twice and realize that in the liberal Western societies from which not only the God of the Bible has been removed, but all religion (migrants excluded), people can be convinced to believe anything. And this under the banner of progressivism.

Back home, this is similar to the ANC government clinging convulsively to its transformational ideology which dictates that knowledgeable and experienced personnel must be replaced with cadres. Refusal means you are a racist, which is of course the greatest sin in the liberal West. And so the ANC continues to collapse one institution after another and plunge South African citizens into misery. It is only a rational or logical consequence that an organization will fail if it lets go of all its experienced and capable staff and goes out of its way not to hire the best people.

However, what is more astonishing is that many private companies, like sheep to the slaughter, walk the same path and seem to think that the outcome will be different. Under the delusion of groupthink, many Afrikaners also faithfully bow the knee and solemnly promise to give up their, their children’s and their community’s opportunities.

The latter perhaps while they or their children are planning to emigrate to the Western “paradise”. There’s just one problem though! The West is becoming a madman’s paradise for the Western free-floating individual, without faith and culture and who will believe anything.

In contrast, Afrikaners have a precious treasure of inherited, internal moral and ethical convictions that make us so desirable. That’s our game plan that cannot be trumped. Should we give it up, like Esau, who had no idea how high the price of Jacob’s plate of hot soup really was? Maybe that delicious soup is much more expensive than you ever realize and what you give up is what really matters! Or are you being fooled?

  • Johan Smit is a businessman, farmer, Christian and patriot.