Paramedic apparently shoots man at accident scene


The police in Mayville are investigating a case of attempted murder after an off-duty paramedic shot a man on the N3 highway in Durban.

According to Lt. Col. Robert Netshiunda, police spokesperson, was driving the paramedic in her private car just before midnight on Saturday when she came across an accident scene. She stopped and helped.

“According to information, she (the paramedic) assessed the situation and then walked back to her car to get equipment. That’s when another vehicle hit her car from behind,” confirms Netshiunda.

“Three men allegedly jumped out of the vehicle and an argument ensued between them and the paramedic.”

According to Netshiunda, one of the men apparently pulled out a firearm, after which the paramedic took out her privately licensed firearm and shot the man with the firearm.

The man was taken to hospital for further medical treatment. The other two men allegedly got into the vehicle and fled the scene.

“The police confiscated the firearms for further investigation. No one has yet been charged in connection with the incident as investigators continue to gather more information about the incident.”