Peace in vineyards after fiery ‘Real Housewives’ reunion episode


Although not all the anecdotes and gossip stories could be ironed out, there is still a lot of peace in the vineyards after Thursday night’s final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of the Winelands.

On Thursday evening, viewers said goodbye to Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Mariska Thorpe, Karen Schwendtke, Candice Bester, Michelle van Zyl and Anita Lloyd (for now) and together with presenter Armand Aucamp reflected on some of this sensational programme’s highs and lows.

RNews reported earlier that these episodes of the Housewives-franchise is known for giving the housewives the opportunity to have their final say, and a few of the women managed to do exactly that.

Michelle in the crossfire

Michelle van Zyl, an aesthetic doctor, said in the Real Housewives-opening song certainly came true in the final episode: she was on everyone’s lips.

The women pretty much put Michelle in the hot seat and discussed everything from her alleged “unpredictable moods” to her podcast.

According to Amy and Candice, the housewives struggled to “place” Michelle.

“Some days I wondered how Michelle would be today. We don’t know who will show up at our place today,” said Amy, a former Miss. South Africa, said.

According to Michelle, she felt hurt after the group watched flashbacks of the women’s Mauritius holiday together. In this footage, Candice can be seen in one of her video diaries playfully trying to cover her ears when talking about Michelle.

“It’s very ugly what you did,” Michelle told Candice, a former singer and businesswoman, about this gesture, after which the two women got into a heated exchange.

Michelle also accused Candice of tearing her down and insinuated that she was “emotionally unstable”.

“How have I ever torn you down or told you that you are emotionally unstable? After twelve weeks of your emotions, I’m not in the mood for this anymore,” Candice shot back.

Candice also argued that Michelle was never really vulnerable in front of the group and tried to explain herself. She dismissed Michelle’s previous allegations that there was a split in the group as “absurd”, although Anita agreed with Michelle.

According to Mariska, Michelle hid behind Karen and Anita and never had her own voice or opinion. The former wealth manager added that Michelle “takes everything personally”, after which Michelle cut the conversation short.

“Let’s stop right here, I’m tired of hearing how you think I experience things.”

Fortunately, both Candice and Michelle later extended olive branches after rethinking each other’s stories and intentions.

“I apologize for covering my ears, it was childish of me,” Candice said.

Michelle admitted that she understood why the housewives felt that way and added that she understood Candice’s gesture.

Karen, who could not attend the reunion in person, said in a pre-recorded insert that according to her there was no division in the group and that in Mauritius she encouraged Michelle to become more assertive in the group.

Anita and Amy finish things off

The tension between Amy and Anita was also put to rest after these two women spoke frankly.

Anita told in an earlier episode that Amy’s comments towards her in Mauritius – where she said that Anita is aggressive and condones violence – deeply affected her feelings.

“Everyone has a heart,” Anita said after the flashback of her and Amy’s conversation.

According to Anita, Amy’s words hit hard because she considers her a friend, but Amy believes she rather meant that Anita has a strong personality and confessed that her words sometimes let her down.

The former beauty queen went on to say that she never wanted to hurt Anita’s feelings and did not realize that her words had such impact.

However, in her insert, Karen called Anita a bully and said that Amy “put Anita in her place” with her comment.

Anita, who has become known for her sharp comments throughout the series, said that she forgives Amy and admits that she likes to dish out comments, “but when I have to get it back, it’s bloody hard for me.”

Women maybe ready for round two?

It seems that all six housewives’ future plans look bright.

According to Amy, Amy’s sparkling wine, the Amelia Brut Rosé Classique, is still a bubbling success. She is also currently working hard on her new skin care range.

Michelle’s focus is mainly on her practice and she shared that she is often invited as a guest speaker to women’s events.

Candice’s future also looks good after she gave up her career as a marketer during the series to open a restaurant with her husband. This unique eatery will soon open its doors in Stellenbosch.

Mariska is even richer, and says she got to know herself through her Real Housewives-travel. Her second-hand clothing business, Sell-fie, is thriving and her podcast series is still in operation.

Karen did Real Housewives described as a privilege, and Anita said that she was happy to make new friends.

When asked if they will return for a second round, Anita replied in her now characteristic way: “Depends on what they pay me”.