Phala Phala theft: Two out on bail


Two of the three suspects in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars on pres. Cyril Rampahosa’s Phala Phala Game Farm was arrested and released on bail on Friday.

Magistrate Predeshni Poonan found in her judgment that there is a balance between the rights of the accused and that of justice which justifies their release.

Frolina Joseph (31) and her brother Ndilinasho David Joseph (27) were released on R5 000 and R10 000 bail respectively.

Neither Frolina nor her brother showed any reaction during the verdict on Friday.

Phala Phala three in court again

For the duration of her appearance, Frolina stood with her hand over her eyes the whole time. Ndilinasho just stared at the floor.

Their co-accused, Inanuwela David (39), occasionally looked at Poonan. His bail application will not be heard until December after his legal representative has indicated that he will only be available again then.

The state has indicated that it will oppose David’s application for bail because he faces an additional charge of money laundering.

Charges of burglary and theft were also brought against him, just as in the case of Frolina and Ndilinasho.

The state claims that all three of the accused broke into the president’s game farm in February 2020 and stole about $580,000 which was hidden in a couch in a residence.

According to the state, they allegedly broke into another farm together with other suspects on 8 February 2020 but did not steal anything because it was the wrong farm. It is only the day after that they apparently broke into the president’s farm.

Frolina apparently previously worked as a cleaner on the president’s farm.

Phala Phala three in court again

She and her brother both indicated in their affidavits, which formed part of their bail application, that should the state proceed with the case against them, they would plead not guilty. They argue that the state has a weak case against them.

Poonan ordered that both Frolina and Ndilinasho report to court at every court appearance and must not interfere with any state witnesses.

The brother and sister did not show any noticeable emotion and left the court with their heads bowed.