Phase 3, 4 load shedding set over the weekend


Phase 3 load shedding will be introduced on Friday afternoon at 16:00, after which phase 3 and 4 load shedding will be applied over the weekend.

Eskom says that due to further problems, six power generation units had to be switched off and there was a delay in putting three units into service.

Phase 3 load shedding continues until Saturday afternoon at 16:00 after which phase 4 load shedding is introduced until Sunday morning at 05:00.

Phase 3 load shedding applies again on Sunday from 05:00 to 16:00 and phase 4 load shedding is introduced from 16:00 thereafter.

The power supplier is expected to give an outlook again on Sunday.

“Eskom monitors the power system closely and will immediately reproduce information if any changes necessitate it. Unplanned power outages currently stand at 15,561 MW. A total of 7,828 MW is not available due to planned maintenance.”

General managers at Eskom’s power plants and their teams are working tirelessly to make sure that 1,960 MW is available again by Monday evening. Eskom’s load outlook for Friday evening peak time is 25,169 MW.

“We thank everyone who responds to the request to consume electricity sparingly.”