Phase 3 load shedding continues until Thursday


LATEST: The power supplier said at 16:00 on Sunday afternoon that phase 2 load shedding would be introduced until 05:00 on Monday morning. Phase 3 load shedding applies thereafter until Thursday at 05:00.

Eskom says that due to continued power generation performance and the recovery of emergency reserves for the coming week, phase 4 load shedding will no longer be introduced on Sunday afternoon at 16:00 as communicated earlier.

Phase 3 load shedding will now continue until Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 05:00.

The power supplier says its power plant managers and their teams are working tirelessly to ensure that 2,721 MW of power generation capacity is commissioned by Wednesday.

A total of 8,843 MW is currently unavailable due to planned maintenance. A total of 13,981 MW is unavailable due to unplanned power outages.

Eskom monitors the system closely and will provide information as soon as significant changes occur.