Phase 4 load shedding ‘needed to top up reserves’


Phase 4 load shedding will kick in on Friday at 20:00 to top up Eskom’s emergency reserves. This phase will apply until Saturday at 05:00, after which load shedding will be suspended until late afternoon.

Phase 2 load shedding will then be reintroduced from Saturday at 4pm to Sunday at 5am.

It is suspended again until 16:00 on Sunday. Phase 1 load shedding will apply thereafter until further notice.

Eskom says it attributes the introduction of lower phase load shedding on Saturday and Sunday to a lower than expected demand for power over the weekend.

About 1,500 MW of additional generation capacity is expected to be available in the power grid again by Sunday.

The peak demand on Friday evening is estimated at 26,027 MW.