Photo: Princess Charlotte’s 9th birthday celebrated with adorable photo


Another photo from the British Princess Catherine and Prince William’s kraal was released today (Thursday) in celebration of their daughter, Princess Charlotte’s, ninth birthday.

Kate, as the Princess of Wales is popularly known, took the photo of the adorable Charlotte where she poses next to a clematis plant with pink petals.

The photo follows barely a few days after a wedding photo of Kate and William was shared on social media on Monday in celebration of the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary. This photo has never been shared with members of the public before.

A photo in which the adorable little British Prince Louis, the couple’s youngest son, is smiling from ear to ear, was also released about a week earlier in celebration of his sixth birthday.

Kate, who recently announced that she has cancer, also took this photo.

Charlotte is third in line to the British throne, after her father, Prince William, and her older brother, Prince George.

King Charles III is also currently receiving cancer treatment, but has recently resumed his official duties. The king suspended his duties when he was diagnosed with cancer in February.

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