Photos: FNB decked out in red for EFF celebration


The FNB Stadium in Johannesburg was decked out in red on Saturday afternoon with thousands of people on the pavilions to celebrate the EFF’s tenth anniversary.

The party’s supporters came from far and wide and across the country to celebrate ten years of the EFF’s existence.

The atmosphere was cheerful and the EFF’s top leadership danced on stage while the crowd cheered along.

Thousands of posters with EFF leader Julius Malema’s face on them were held high in the air. A helicopter also flew above the stadium with a large EFF banner.

The crowd cheered when Malema took his place on the podium at around 15:00 to address the crowd.

He began his speech by thanking the EFF’s Gauteng leadership for organizing the event.

Malema mentioned that the last time the FNB stadium was so full was with Chris Hani’s funeral.

“We proved today that the EFF is the only party that can exceed the FNB stadium’s capacity. The baby born in 2013 is now ten years old,” said Malema.

“Comrades, we can’t say it was easy. We faced opposition from people who thought they could kill our organization, but those very people failed. The EFF is still standing.”

Malema also made promises to the crowd that if the EFF were to take over the government, he would help all the supporters who are unemployed. Also those who cannot get their university results because they owe tuition fees. “We are going to cancel all your debts and give you your results for free. We want a child from a slum to go to the best university. We will work with Cuba to establish quality primary health care.”

The EFF leader further said that when the EFF takes over, all the informal settlements will be formalized and given access to water and electricity. “When we take over, we will restore the dignity of our people.”

Malema also hammered on other issues in the country such as load shedding and crime.

He also appealed to Brics leaders not to attend the upcoming summit in South Africa in solidarity with the Russian pres. Vladimir Putin.

Malema concluded his speech by “inviting the supporters to join him as he marches into the future full of hope”.

“I’m going to need sunglasses, because the future is so bright. And when we take over, we are going to give them free education, fight corruption and lock up corrupt ANC leaders. We are also going to put an end to load shedding. Only the EFF can end load shedding.

“Under the leadership of the EFF, South Africa will be a better place.”