Photos: Nursing staff celebrated across the country


Sometimes a break in a spot of sunshine with a nice cup of coffee in hand is all a nurse wants, and this year that is exactly what the nursing staff of the Mediclinic Kloof hospital got.

The nurses of the Pretoria hospital were treated to hot dogs, coffee, chocolate and other goodies on Friday in celebration of International Nurses Day, which is celebrated annually on 12 May.

It is the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

A parking lot at the hospital has been demarcated for the nurses of the Kloof hospital to enjoy the day together outside, with food, clothing and sweet stalls ready to spoil the nurses.

A handful of nurses were also surprised with Daisy awards, which are awarded to nursing staff who have provided excellent service in their departments.

Marike Nel, human resources manager at Kloof Hospital, says the hospital makes an effort every year on International Nurses Day to make the nursing staff feel special.

“We took a holistic look at the nurse and what they need. That’s why today there is a stall with theater shoes and clothes, and Vodacom, because nurses can’t get to a mobile phone shop every day. Virgin Active is here for yoga and other workouts.

“We have a few prizes that we give out and stalls with sweets such as ghost breath and soft drinks.”

Wiesenhof was the biggest partner for the day and mainly provided the food and drink.

This year, the hospital also joined hands for the first time with the DAISY Foundation, which was founded in 1999 by the family of Patrick Barnes. Patrick was 33 years old when he died due to complications from an autoimmune disease.

Because the Barnes family was impressed by the genuine care and concern they received from the nurses during Patrick’s hospitalization, the DAISY Foundation annually awards awards for outstanding work by nurses in different departments of the hospital.

“Mediclinic has now also adopted the platform to thank our own staff members for the work they do. In every ward there is a QR code that can be scanned on any smart device, and any nurse can be nominated along with a testimonial about what he or she has meant to you,” explains Nel.

The nominations are tallied, and out of 20 final nominations, four winners are chosen.

“On a day like today, where we celebrate, we also celebrate the winners of these awards. They had no idea they were going to win, so we’ve been shedding tears, giving speeches and taking pictures already today.”

Evodia Mokoena from Ongevalle, Nelly Moabi from the maternity ward, theater sister Carina Grobler, and Kisotwe Ndlondlo, who works as a high-care nurse, each received an award.

“Day in and day out we see what they do and what they mean to the patients and the rest of the family. Especially the family members, because the patients are sometimes not aware of what is going on around them, but the family members do.

“This platform gives us the chance to say thank you for our colleagues’ work from the outside in.”

According to the South African government’s official website, nursing is the largest medical field in the world and nurses play a key role in achieving certain goals set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Nurses are often the only medical staff that some people have access to in a lifetime.

“Nurses are trained to understand the complex nature and balance of health and overall well-being, as well as the impact of psychosocial and socio-economic factors such as poverty, unemployment and ethnicity,” reads the writing on the website.

“Nurses need to advocate and raise voices. We need to be involved in the development of programs that improve health care as it is, as these are nurses who have practical knowledge of how health care is designed, coordinated and ultimately implemented.”

Hospitals across the country also spoiled the nurses on Friday. Check here: