Photos: Orangemen jump in after heavy rain causes damage


Houses in Orania were flooded and damage was done to infrastructure after heavy rains fell over the area and caused flooding.

Up to 80 mm of rain was recorded in less than an hour in some parts and roads were washed away. Major erosion damage was caused especially at the Aan die Oewer holiday resort. A section of the Orange River’s bank washed away at the resort and caused large ditches.

According to Joost Strydom, CEO of the Orania Movement, some farmers in the area also suffered great damage with fields that were flooded and crops and infrastructure that were damaged. Hail damage was also reported on some of the farms.

Clean-up and repair work has already begun in the town. Ditches, sandbags and 20 ℓ drums were used at the Aan die Oewer resort to drain water, limit damage and prepare for possible further rain.

“It was a beautiful sight. Everyone helped, from surrounding farmers to business owners to volunteers, safety teams. Some people just brought coffee and pancakes and they really worked quickly and effectively to try to find a solution.”

Heavy rain fell on parts of the Northern Cape on Thursday with the South African Weather Service predicting that the rainy weather could continue until today.