Photos: Ruhan du Toit celebrates three decades of music with party, new album


For the past 30 years, singer and songwriter Ruhan du Toit has gained fame for the powerhouse performances he delivers.

With his versatile interpretation of different music genres, which spans six languages ​​and four octaves, he is equally at home on an international stage as around a bushveld fire with a handful of selected guests.

His latest album, simply titled, Ruhan du Toitis both a continuation and celebration of the past 30 years.

This brand new album has just been released, and contains tracks entitled “Stockholm syndrome”, “Donkermaan”, “May I be your last” and “Rather now”. There is also a lovely FAK selection in the album.

Over the years, two rules have remained almost non-negotiable for Ruhan in the music industry: to stay true to himself as an artist regardless of the latest fads, and to never lose his humanity.

“I learned from a young age that a singing career requires sacrifice,” says Ruhan, who in 1994 as a little blond-headed boy already released his first album, at the age of 11. Heaven ishas seen the light.

Thanks to his parents, Johan, aka “Twakkies”, and Zelda du Toit, who is also at home behind the microphone, he was able to live out his dream from a young age. His younger brother, Jeanré, is also a keen singer.

The Du Toits also often performed together as a family at church bazaars, fairs, nursing homes and school halls.

“I grew up on a prison site and always had to go home earlier than my peers at night when it was cold to protect my voice. Rugby matches were also given up for performances on many Saturdays.”

Ruhan and his brother, Jeanré, performed as a duo for ten years during which they released two duet albums together and in addition the top 20 of the then kykNET talent competition, Singreached

In 2012, a “great grace” befell him in the form of Touch of Class’s Deon van der Merwe, but in 2019 he left this prestigious music duo to focus on his solo career again.

In celebration of Ruhan’s three decades in the music industry, earlier this week he presented an exclusive preview of the latest album at RNews’s office in Pretoria.

Ruhan excitedly told a crowd of listeners that he was extremely proud of his latest album and was looking forward to sharing it with his fans.

“What a privilege to be part of the South African music landscape for so long,” says Ruhan about this milestone.

the album, Ruhan du Toitis available on all major digital platforms.

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Listen to some of the songs in the new album titled here Ruhan du Toit: