Photos: Thugs target SPCA shop during load shedding


The Cape of Good Hope Animal Protection Society (SPCA) is shocked by thieves who broke into their shop in Plumstead, Cape Town.

The break-in took place on Friday around 17:00.

Thieves broke into the store in Gabriëlstraat during load shedding while the store’s security camera and alarm systems were not working, says Belinda Abraham, spokeswoman for the SPCA.

“Dog food and money were stolen from the cash register, as well as the SPCA’s donation box that was on the counter, as well as keys for all the locks in the store as well as some of the staff’s personal belongings that were stored in the cupboards,” Abraham told RNnews. Media said.

According to Abraham, the thieves caused extensive damage to the property.

“They were clearly not in a hurry, because they had enough time to eat a 2 ℓ container of ice cream from the store’s freezer.”

According to Sgt. Joseph Swartbooi, Western Cape police spokesperson, the police are investigating a case of burglary at a business premises.

The shop is one of two whose proceeds go directly to the SPCA branch.

Abraham expressed her deep displeasure with the break-in.

“The incident indicates a total lack of morality on the part of the perpetrators who chose to steal from a charity that provides essential services to communities in need,” she says.

Regarding the fact that the thieves struck during load shedding, Abraham says that they will have to take additional precautions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“With phase 6 discharges lasting up to four hours and the high incidence of power outages every day, the store’s alarm system batteries do not get enough time to recover to keep the alarm system active. We will have to install a 5 kW inverter to prevent a recurrence of such an incident.”

Donations can be made here for a converter for the SPCA branch.