Photos: Wallets, keys, bank cards… have something in the Presley’s pile?


Many nightclub goers may have been desperately looking for a headache pill or a glass of water the morning after a fiery dance or social session – but if you look at the photos of lost items left behind at the Presley’s nightclub in Boksburg, there are people who may still be looking for everything from car keys to reading glasses (and even bridge cables, lip balm and a super strong lock).

A Facebook post from Presley’s says that it is being cleaned properly and in the photos shared by the popular hangout, piles of unclaimed car keys, identity documents, bank cards, wallets, glasses and sunglasses can be seen.

The hundreds of items are all in this Gauteng nightclub’s seemingly bottomless pit of lost personal items.

The posting of the photos has been sent far and wide on social media, with hundreds of people making joking comments about the lost items in the photos.

However, the biggest question on most people’s lips is this: How did all those party animals who misplaced their car keys end up getting home?

Some also jokingly (and others much more seriously) asked if their identity documents and driver’s licenses had somehow ended up in the pile. (If you really enlarge the photos, you might even recognize your own name on one of the items )

“Someone is looking for a Smart Shopper card,” one Karien Theunissen joked on Facebook.

“Hahaha, Mr. Video card, what a legend this guy surely is?” writes one Marcel Steenkamp.

According to the Presley’s entry, the items in the photos accumulated over a number of years.

“This is what causes the long queues at the Department of Internal Affairs,” joked Scheragne Wilson on social media.