Pick n Pay is withdrawing these peanut butter products


Pick n Pay was forced to withdraw three peanut butter brand products on Saturday as they could potentially pose a health risk.

The products, No Name Smooth Peanut Butter, Eden Smooth Peanut Butter and Eden Crunch Peanut Butter, contain higher than regulated levels of aflatoxin.

“Aflatoxin is a natural mycotoxin, but the levels we detected were higher than the regulatory threshold,” explained Pick n Pay.

All stocks of these products – with an expiry date between now and July 2025 – have been removed from store shelves nationwide and the National Consumer Commission and the national department of health’s directorate for food control have been involved.

“We ask our customers to please check their pantries and food cupboards and make sure they return the products (with an expiry date of between now and July 2025) to any Pick n Pay store for a full refund.”

However, Pick n Pay made it clear on Saturday that no other peanut butter brand was affected by the withdrawal.