‘Pierewaier’ finally fixed after two years


Jacques Arthur Malot (38) continued to evade police officers from Pretoria for more than two years by, among other things, using pseudonyms. However, he appeared in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court on Monday under no other name than his own.

Malot, who is accused of keeping a young woman from Pretoria in her house for about a month, was finally arrested in the Western Cape about two weeks ago and has since been brought to Pretoria where he will stand trial on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and car theft.

He was the Sinoville police station in Pretoria’s second most wanted suspect for more than two years after he allegedly seduced several women in Pretoria with his charm.

Malot, who apparently targets women in particular, fled to the Western Cape about two years ago and a team of five police officers from Sinoville was told to track him down.

“Sinoville’s detection team made a real effort to track him down,” says Sgt. Johan van Dyk, police spokesman. “The tracking team made it almost a personal matter to catch him. They knew he was in the Cape, but never knew exactly where he was.

“He also got mixed up with women there and these women protected him.”

Van Dyk says that the police have arrested Malot several times in the past two years; however, he used aliases each time.

Then came the call from the Western Cape police about two weeks ago that Malot had been arrested on charges of shoplifting and linked to cases in Pretoria with the help of fingerprints.

Malot has since appeared in a court in the Western Cape on charges of shoplifting and was then brought to Pretoria.

“It just shows you: you can’t run away from justice forever,” says Van Dyk.

RNews previously reported that a police officer was called to a woman’s home in the local policing area in October 2021, after her friend raised the alarm.

Malot moved in with the woman at this stage after she met him earlier on social media.

Van Dyk says Malot initially put his best foot forward after meeting the victim.

“He was very charming and took her to all the best restaurants. He pretended to have apartments in a coastal town. He later went to visit her for a weekend and apparently just refused to go home again,” Van Dyk said earlier.

Malot allegedly moved into her home without the woman’s permission, before apparently becoming more obsessed over time. According to the victim, he later verbally and physically assaulted her and did not allow her to leave her home.