Plane evacuated due to bomb threat


A FlySafair plane was evacuated at the Cape Town International Airport on Thursday evening after crew members were informed about a possible “security threat on the plane”.

The passengers on board the plane, which was destined for Johannesburg on flight FA102, were consequently told to leave the plane and the police’s bomb squad was called.

The Airports Company (Acsa) confirmed that all occupants as well as the crew were safely removed from the aircraft and that the bomb squad had properly searched the aircraft.

According to Acsa, the management of the airport as well as the airline were also on the scene to ensure that all air safety measures and protocols were fully complied with.

“The safety of everyone involved remains our top priority,” said Mark Maclean, regional manager at Acsa.

“The police and air safety team (Avsec) have ensured that all necessary measures are in place to mitigate any risks associated with the threat.”

Maclean praised the airport staff for their timely response to an incident that was a “serious security concern”.

“We also appreciate the joint efforts of the police and Avsec to put the safety of the passengers and crew first.”

Acsa says more information will be released in due course.