Poem: ‘Wonder’


“The music and word art that flow together in this program is also a wonderful gathering of creativity and emotion. It is a soulful presentation that takes the audience on a journey with the help of music and storytelling.”

So says Alta Strauss, poet and motivational speaker Kelber & Strauss in the Cenotaph Halla one-off show that she presents together with the pianist Johan Kelber.

Elmé Churr (vocals) and Ammiel Kelber (guitar) join Alta and Johan during this show which takes place on Sunday 16 June in the Cenotaph Hall at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

“We hope that people who attend the show will experience with us the humor, sadness, joy, failures, and hope that are woven into it. It is also a profound look at life, our humanity and rich heritage.”

Alta specially shares her poem “Wonder”, as a loop maker Kelber & Strauss in the Cenotaph Hall ‘s program.


sometimes i wonder
about the red-purple autumn
of your thoughts
the secrets you hold
your quest and longing
the smoke signals of your desires
which you send up like incense
to the heavens
the shades of your peace
then I wonder what you look like
without expectation
without reproach
without regret
detached from time
how you look
only you look
and I smile softly

  • The poem is published with the author’s permission on RNews.
  • For the sake of the context of this poem and for the sake of recognition to the poet, we request that you do not simply share a screenshot of this poem on social media, but instead use the link from the Toetentaal post. – Ed.
  • Kelber & Strauss in the Cenotaph Hall is a word-and-music concert where the music, poetry and stories of the poet Alta Strauss and pianist Johan Kelber come together in an intimate style. For inquiries and to make reservations for concerts, you can send an e-mail to Lieandri Ackermann at (email protected).