Poets get cozy in song garden


The Wyndigters in the FAK Liedjietuin is an intimate concert where the music, poetry and stories of the artists Deon Meiring and Jako Meyer come together in a comfortable style. This while friends and loved ones lazily stretch out on a picnic blanket and indulge in finger snacks and the wines of Van Loveren.

Deon is a member of the music group Glaskas, which is known for songs such as “Meneer”, “Verloor myself” and “Romantikus”, and he also performs as a solo artist. Jako is part of Moses Metro Man, who is known for songs such as “Mooirivier” and “Huigelaar”, and he is pursuing a solo career.

“Me and Jako are diverse artists and the music we create is different in many ways. Yet there is one thing that binds us together, and that is a love for poetry and writing something that articulates deeper thoughts,” says Deon in an interview with RNews.

He goes on to say that with this intimate concert, they would like to create a space for people to participate, to compose together and to fully express a deeper appreciation for the art of words.

Deon and Jako were sitting and hanging out one night after a show where Glaskas and Moses Metro Man performed when they came up with this concept.

“We opened a bottle of wine together and talked deeply about poetry, music with meaning, the indescribable of life and love. So Jako and I started working on a text with the aim of sharing our longing for art with gravitas with an audience.”

The program is composed of existing music, poems that Deon and Jako wrote especially for the concert, and stories. They share the stage with a few artists who will provide background music while poems are recited and stories are told.

Four wines from Van Loveren are carefully selected to flow with the program. “Each wine has its own character and it blends very well with the different themes of the evening.

“Although we are presenting the concert on Valentine’s Day, it will not only be about romantic love. Love is about so much more than just that. Other themes that are also involved include friendship, religion and faith.”

The Wyndigters in the FAK Liedjietuin takes place on February 14 and 15 at 19:00, and guests can start unpacking their own picnic baskets and blankets from 18:00. Tickets for the concert cost R250 and this includes a Van Loveren wine tasting, a RNews cup and coffee. Click here to book tickets online on Quicket.