Police captain narrowly escapes when robbers open fire


A police captain from KwaZulu-Natal’s tactical training probably saved his life when transit robbers on the N2, just before the KwaMashu highway exit, opened fire on him on Thursday.

According to the police, a group of armed robbers in several vehicles were on the main road where they targeted a money van. Without further ado, they opened fire on the police officer’s unmarked bakkie, in which he was driving behind the cash van.

“The police officer was on his way to an early morning operation in Inanda and was already wearing his protective equipment. He tactically returned fire, got out of the vehicle and took cover,” says col. Robert Netshiunda, KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson.

The officer also stopped other motorists and thus prevented them from ending up in the danger zone.

The robbers blew open the cash cart and fled with cash.

The security officers were unharmed, but were robbed of three firearms, including a rifle.

The search for the robbers continues.