Police investigate two men’s mysterious death in tower


The police in the Northern Cape are investigating the mysterious death of two men whose bodies were found in a tower in Postmasburg.

The bodies of Fanus Maritz, owner of the Wi-Fi company Draadloos Northern Cape, and Samuel Matthys, a security guard from Rhino Security, were found in the tower on Sunday.

Liezélle Brits, Maritz’s partner, said the area where the tower is located had been without power since Saturday evening after it was struck by lightning.

According to Brits, she and Maritz went to the tower around 04:30 on Sunday morning and saw that the backup power was also down, after which they fetched and installed a generator. The generator still had fuel in it and they decided to return later and fill it up once they had more information on the power situation.

They decided to refill the generator at 09:30 and that’s when the incident occurred.

Brits called for help after she could only see Maritz’s headlight and Matthys from Rhino Security arrived and went to investigate. However, neither man re-emerged from the tower and their bodies were later found and removed from the tower.

“We are hurting. An absolutely wonderful man was taken away from us without a ‘cow bay’ or an ‘I love you’…”

Brits also offered her condolences to Samuel’s family and his colleagues at Rhino Security.

“Our hearts go out to the family of Samuel, who, just like him, wanted to help us. May his soul rest in peace.”

Rhino Security said Matthys “bravely gave his life while serving and protecting the community he cared so much about”.

In the meantime, the results of the post-mortem examination are still awaited.

According to Lt. Col. Police spokesman Sergio Kock said a third person was seriously injured during the incident. The person’s name is not known and it is not clear how he was involved.

An inquest is being conducted by the police.