Police seize millions worth of counterfeit goods at Bellville compound


The Western Cape police seized counterfeit goods worth more than R100 million at a shopping center in Durban Road in Bellville.

The raid was carried out on Friday by members of the police, customs and excise officers and experts from various luxury brands in an attempt to curb the sale of counterfeit items. The team raided the compound at around 10:00 a.m. after a warrant was granted based on intelligence gathered over a period of time.

Col. Andrè Traut, Western Cape police spokesperson, says loads full of counterfeit items from popular brands, as well as illegal tobacco products, were driven away to a depot as evidence in the case.

“At this stage of the investigation it is difficult to determine the value of the seizures, but a fair estimate is around R100 million,” says Traut.

“Four suspects are being held, while numerous traders fled their shops and evaded arrest after the police raid. As the investigation progresses, more arrests may be made.”

The Western Cape police chief, Lt. Gen. Thembisile Patekile, also warned that similar raids will be done again in the future. Patekile says those who are under the impression that they can earn a lucrative income by selling lower quality products to the public while also having an effect on the economy, should “reconsider” their actions.