Police seize millions worth of counterfeit goods in Jhb, North West


The police’s national unit for counterfeit goods swooped on the Johannesburg city center on Friday and seized counterfeit goods worth R9 million.

The unit, which includes members of the police, the South African Revenue Service, traffic police officers, trademark custodians and security companies, seized more than 11,000 items, all sold under well-known brand names.

This includes clothes, sunglasses, shoes, caps, handbags and watches.

Lt. Col. Amanda van Wyk, police spokesperson, says this was the third major raid in the past four weeks in Gauteng.

Counterfeit items worth millions of rands were also found last week during a raid in Rustenburg in the North West. During this operation, the police seized counterfeit goods worth R8 million.

According to Van Wyk, this brings the value of the number of counterfeit items seized by the police over the past four weeks to R30 million.

“The police are determined to stop the trade in counterfeit goods as it has an extremely detrimental effect on economic growth in the country.”