Popular hotel in ruins after fire


The Shelly Point Hotel & Spa on St. Helena Bay in the Western Cape was almost completely engulfed in flames after a devastating fire broke out at the popular hotel early on Tuesday morning.

RNews earlier reported that emergency services and firefighters from Saldanha Bay were scrambling to contain the flames.

Elowayne Gouws, director and paramedic of West Coast Medical Rescue, says the fire was finally brought under control after approximately seven hours of firefighting efforts.

“Firefighters are currently working to cool down the hot spots. Two helicopters and an airplane helped extinguish the flames.

“The hotel completely burned down. There was nothing really left of it,” says Gouws.

He also says that the cause of the fire is still unknown at this stage and that some people are receiving medical treatment on site.

“One person collapsed at the scene; we do not know at this stage if it is fire related. The patient was taken to a hospital for treatment.”

Many people have since expressed their shock and sadness at the incident on Facebook, with many saying they cherish precious memories of their stay at the beautiful hotel.