Popular music concert supports hospitals


The prestigious music concert, Lexus Pop Classics, and DStv will join forces and donate a portion of the proceeds from this year’s ticket sales to hospitals in South Africa.

Lexus Pop Classics has become known for its musical excellence over the years. Some of the leading South African artists are on stage every year with top quality performances of pop hits by Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Celine Dion and Bruce Springsteen.

Audiences attending this year’s concert on 22 July at the SunBet Arena at Time Square in Pretoria can look forward to powerhouse performances by Demi Lee Moore, Samantha Leonard, Tarryn Lamb, Ruhan du Toit, Monique Steyn, Corlea, Timothy Moloi, Boki, Amira Willighagen and the Mzansi Youth Choir.

Concertgoers who make a contribution to the Making a Difference initiative are therefore helping Lexus Pop Classics and DStv to support the local healthcare system. The initiative is also committed to ensuring the well-being of young South Africans, who have a need for quality healthcare.

“Lexus Pop Classics is honored to present this philanthropic effort with DStv. We believe in the transformative power of music and through this concert aim to make a positive contribution to the communities,” says Brendon Hargroves, executive producer.

DStv’s association with the Making the Difference organization emphasizes the broadcaster’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility. With this, DStv wants to start bringing about meaningful change through its philanthropic work.

The broadcaster is aware of the critical role that healthcare institutions play in ensuring the well-being of communities. That is why DStv actively started working with hospitals and medical organisations.

The plan is to make financial support and resources available, and launch awareness campaigns. This is in an effort to strengthen the infrastructure of the South African healthcare system and improve access to high-quality medical services.

Tickets for Lexus Pop Classics are available on iTickets. Concertgoers who want to support the Making a Difference initiative can buy up to four tickets for a minimum contribution of R100. The proceeds are donated to the Making a Difference charity.

Watch this video as a teaser for the concert: