Post Rand Water’s head, demands DA


The DA launched a petition to demand the removal of Sipho Mosai, Rand Water’s CEO.

“Consistent failures on the part of Rand Water to both adequately prepare for increased demand and to address the shortcomings in the organization make it clear that Rand Water is still a rudderless ship,” says Solly Msimanga, the DA’s premiership candidate for Gauteng.

Large-scale water problems have been occurring in Gauteng in recent weeks with the parties involved repeatedly trying to place the blame on others.

“All municipalities in Gauteng are saddled with a water shortage crisis that is not their fault. Due to the lack of maintenance and management of its water system, Rand Water has caused huge water shortages in Gauteng which have left some residents without water for more than a month.”

According to Msimanga, Rand Water caused a humanitarian crisis in Gauteng and must be held responsible for it.

“That is why the DA calls on the head of Rand Water to do the honorable thing and resign. If this does not happen, the minister of water and sanitation should fire him.”

Mismanga accuses Rand Water of failing to communicate with municipalities and the residents of Gauteng about the water shortage he caused and instead conveniently pointing the finger at municipalities when he does get the blame.

“This cannot be tolerated any longer and it is time that Rand Water is held accountable for its failure and human rights abuses.

“The DA is now going to launch a petition calling for the dismissal of Rand Water’s head, as he is clearly not fit to lead such an important entity that affects millions of lives. We can no longer sit back and watch as millions of Gauteng residents’ right of access to water is trampled upon.”