Power is back


South Africans’ load-free holiday is over. Beurtkrag applies again from 05:00 on Tuesday, when phase 2 will be introduced until 16:00 on Tuesday. After that, phase 3 will be introduced until Wednesday morning at 05:00.

“Eskom is currently running an intensified maintenance program with the aim of improving the operation of the power network. In the middle of this maintenance work, we experienced a setback and three generating units will not be able to be added back to the network now, as planned,” the power supplier said on Monday afternoon. These units are responsible for 2,148 MW of generating capacity.

Another six generating units are unavailable due to planned maintenance work. “This, together with an estimated increase in the demand for electricity, forced us to introduce phase 2 load shedding.”

According to Eskom, the pattern of phase 2 during the day and phase 3 in the evening will be repeated daily until further notice.

Currently, about 16,231 MW is unavailable due to unplanned outages, while 8,452 MW of generation capacity has been removed from the system due to planned maintenance work.

“Eskom’s team is working tirelessly to ensure that at least 4,900 MW of capacity is restored before the end of the week.”

Eskom announced on Sunday afternoon that Kusile’s unit 5 has been connected to the power grid for the first time and that the unit is well underway. This is the first time in two years that Eskom has added new generation capacity to the network and the power supplier considers this a milestone in its ongoing struggle to end load shedding.