Power phases now look like this


Phase 4 load shedding will continue from Monday at 16:00 until Tuesday at 05:00, after which alternating phases of phase 1 and phase 3 load shedding will apply.

However, Eskom is already warning that the demand for power will increase towards the weekend.

Unplanned outages took 15,747 MW of capacity out of the grid, says Eskom. Only 1,946 MW is not available due to planned maintenance work.

Since Friday, one generating unit each at Kriel, Lethabo, Majuba and Matla and two generating units at the Arnot power plant have been put back into service. However, there have been delays in bringing units at Kendal, Matla and Tutuka back online and this is contributing to capacity constraints, Eskom says.

Eskom once again appealed to people to use power sparingly, especially during peak times from 17:00 to 21:00.