Presidency refers DA and its ‘evidence’ against Mashatile to the police


The presidency questions why the DA did not approach the police if it really had sufficient evidence of corruption against adj.pres. Paul Mashatile disposes.

On Friday, the opposition party sent a so-called dossier and a letter with damning allegations of corruption against Mashatile to Pres. Handed in to Cyril Ramaphosa’s office at the Union Building in Pretoria.

According to John Steenhuisen, leader of the DA, this party has provided Ramaphosa with all the information necessary to remove his deputy president from office.

However, the presidency is now questioning the DA’s motives.

“The first place one usually goes with evidence of criminal offenses is the police – to file a criminal complaint. Anyone who uses the laying of a complaint as a threat in case he does not get some political concession clearly has a political agenda,” said Vincent Magwenya, Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, on Saturday.

“Any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the deputy president must be tested and verified by competent authorities.”

Steenhuisen said on Friday that the DA would file criminal charges against Mashatile with the police should Ramaphosa fail to act against his deputy president.

The opposition leader also threatened to lodge a complaint in terms of the Act on the Ethics of Members of the Executive Authority against Mashatile for his alleged breach of the ethical code of conduct for the executive authority.

“In all our submissions to law enforcement, we will emphasize the fact that Ramaphosa is now in personal possession of the dossier against Mashatile, and that his failure to act may implicate him in the corruption,” said Steenhuisen.

Magwenya said on Saturday that as part of existing and strict measures to ensure honesty and ethical behavior among public representatives, the deputy president and all other members of the executive have signed the code of ethics of members of the executive, which is an affidavit of include assets and income.

“Cabinet members also take a similar oath and declarations on the parliament’s register of members’ interests as members of the parliament. These are public documents to which the DA and all other interested parties have unhindered access.”

Magwenya further gave his assurance that the government is committed to clean governance, ethical leadership and ending corruption and state capture.

A storm has erupted around the head of the deputy president in the past few months after a series of revelations about Mashatile were published by various investigative journalists.

Among other things, it is claimed that Mashatile maintains a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his links with business people who benefit greatly from government contracts.