Pretoria housewife and daughter travel around the world


By Michelle Hammann

A boat trip of 274 nights, visiting 65 countries, 11 wonders of the world and seven continents. This is the adventure that Renske Lammerding of The Real Housewives of Pretoria and her daughter, Amike Oosthuizen, who is herself a celebrity on TikTok, has now started.

Their family is on board the Serenade of the Seas, a ship that forms part of the Royal Caribbean’s nine-month world cruise.

The adventure kicked off in Miami, Florida on December 10 and will anchor there again on September 10, after nine months.

Renske’s husband, Heinrich Lammerding has been planning this world cruise for two years. He sees it as the ideal family holiday and a fantastic way to celebrate his retirement from the agricultural industry. This is Royal Caribbean’s longest cruise ever with the ship calling in Italy, France, Antarctica, Hawaii, Australia, South Korea, Greece, the Bahamas, Dubai and a further 40 ports, which have hardly or never been visited by them. include.

Fortunately, Jan Alleman can experience the entire boat trip through Amike’s daily TikTok videos, because being on the ship yourself costs an arm and a leg: between R1.1 to R2.2 million per person.

Amike’s TikTok account currently stands at 273,000 followers, most of whom joined her since she started sharing videos of her packing for the trip. “I was shocked at how quickly my account grew and I’m excited about the doors it can open for me going forward,” she tells RNews about the opportunities already offered to her by brands.

The boat’s staff treated Amike and the group of TikTok influencers to a fancy six-course meal and a special sushi class for the huge amount of interest their posts are attracting online. The world cruise’s hashtags #WorldCruise and #CruiseTok have already received more than 248 million hits on TikTok, and followers consider it a nine-month live reality series in which all the “characters” post online videos. “It’s incredible, because people already recognize me in some of the countries we travel to.”

Her video that has attracted the most viewers to date, with more than 6.3 million views, is about the Dragon Passage. It is a turbulent stretch of ocean from South America to Antarctica where the waves can reach heights of more than 20 meters. She was relieved when the captain changed the route to cut out the most dangerous part of it, but disappointed that they couldn’t get off at French Guiana or the Falkland Islands due to bad weather.

Renske says that the best part of the ship is that you don’t have to carry any bags with you while exploring places, because you live on the boat all the time.

“It’s like Sun City on the sea: everything is there,” this Pretoria housewife tells RNews.

The passenger ship boasts 13 floors, 12 enormous lounges and bars, two swimming pools and three outdoor hot tubs. Travelers enjoy pickleball, quiz nights, rock climbing and competitions at the onboard pools.

Amike believes that the luxury trip is the fastest and cheapest way to explore the whole world, because everything a traveler needs is already included in the price of the cruise. All packages include complimentary amenities such as transport costs to inland excursions, business class air tickets to the departure point of the cruise, access to a special gala the day before departure, with overnight hotel accommodation, free unlimited food, drinks and alcohol on board, internet and laundry services in.

“The world is like a book and every destination is a chapter,” says Renske excitedly. She was very active in the period after her participation in the Real Housewives-series. Renske managed the Mrs Globe beauty pageant last year, but has since stepped down due to “politics behind the scenes”. It was a big disappointment for her, as mentoring and helping other women is her great passion.

Renske also mentions that she is still good friends with some of the women who go up with her Real Housewives appeared like Rhona and Marie, but that she hardly sees the others.

“I have learned to be more careful about who I allow into my circles Real Housewives.”

Furthermore, she spent a lot of time arranging for the overwhelming 18 visas they each needed on board as South Africans. “It was a nightmare and we still don’t have visas for England, China or Japan.”

She and Amike also apparently trained beforehand to be able to do their own nails on the boat.

Renske is looking forward to her son also being able to join their family vacation in April. For her part, Amike can’t wait to experience Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden for the first time. Argentina and Uruguay’s breathtaking beauty pleasantly surprised them, and the ship recently sailed right past penguins and whales in Antarctica. “This is a once in a lifetime experience!”

Amike believes that everyone should seize the opportunity to tour the world on a boat – provided you have nine months’ worth of medication, a good camera, international products that can be easily replaced and have the energy to do as much as possible, you are right for this boat trip, she thinks.

“I am happy to be able to experience it with my best friend, my daughter,” shares Renske proudly.

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