Prime Minister of Haiti resigns


Ariel Henry, Haiti’s prime minister, has agreed to resign after increasing pressure and violence in the impoverished Caribbean country.

Armed gangs that already control a large part of Port-au-Prince have wreaked havoc in the last few weeks in their efforts to oust Henry. Bodies litter the streets these days while armed gangs loot basic infrastructure.

“The government I lead cannot be insensitive to this situation. As I have always said, no sacrifice is too great for our homeland Haiti,” Henry said in an online speech on Tuesday in his resignation announcement.

According to Henry, the government of Haiti has agreed to the creation of a “presidential transition council” whose members will be chosen after discussions between various Haitian interest groups.

“The government I lead will stand aside immediately after the appointment of the council.

“I want to thank the Haitian people for the opportunity I have been given. I ask all Haitians to remain calm and do everything they can for peace and stability to return as quickly as possible.”

Henry, who since the assassination of Pres. Jovenel Moise, who is in charge in 2021, was abroad looking for support for a mission supported by the United Nations (UN) when the latest violence broke out.

Henry is currently stranded in Puerto Rico after armed gangs prevented him from returning to Haiti.

Guyana’s pres. Irfaan Ali, the current chairman of the Caribbean regional body Caricom, welcomed Henry’s resignation or rather “selfless intention” on Tuesday.

“That selfless intention was to see Haiti succeed.”

RNews earlier reported that the government of Haiti declared a state of emergency and curfew at the beginning of this month to try to regain control over this crisis-stricken Caribbean country after gangs attacked the national prison in Port-au-Prince.

Thousands of prisoners escaped from custody on the night in question when the facility was attacked overnight. Many died.