Pta orphanage ‘grateful’ for donations after devastating fire


The Louis Botha Children’s Home in Queenswood, Pretoria, thanked the public for the help that poured in after a devastating fire caused major damage to one of their boys’ homes last Monday.

RNews previously reported that this fire broke out in the late afternoon on the upper floor in an 18-year-old boy’s room. No children or parents were injured, and the boys were able to be moved to another house on the premises.

The Louis Botha Children’s Home is a registered children’s home affiliated with the Jakaranda Children’s Home in East Lynne, Pretoria, and cares for school-aged children placed in their care by the children’s court.

Although the house in question at Louis Botha’s building was insured, its contents were not.

Charlene Grobler, chief executive of the Louis Botha orphanage, previously told RNews that the local community and wider public “immediately acted and helped” to start collecting a list of needs that had been drawn up.

This included, among other things, school clothes, beds, mattresses and toiletries for 12 boys, many of which have already been replaced by donations.

“The word ‘thank you’ seems so insignificant compared to the gratitude we feel since the fire incident,” said Ina Kotze, public relations officer of the Jakaranda and the Louis Botha children’s home, in an email to donors.

“Miracles happened every day, and all of you who called, downloaded something, made a monetary contribution or supported us with kind words and hugs, are part of this miracle that will be witnessed as part of our history.”

According to Kotze, the orphanage was “left speechless” by the community’s kindness.

She says that help poured in from individuals, schools, churches, businesses, hospitals, pharmacies, contractors, lawyers, retirement homes, non-profit organizations, students, malls, retail groups and the media from all over.

Also the radio station Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angelsprogram together with sponsors contributed a total of R100 000 towards other furniture and electronic devices such as a new oven for the house.

Structural repairs to the home will also begin once the necessary investigations and reports are completed by the insurance company.

“We are extremely grateful to each of you and humbled by your kindness and generosity. Rest assured you have all made a difference and a positive impact for our children.”

The Jakaranda and Louis Botha orphanage cares for around 350 children in total, and the quarterly government subsidy only covers around 43% of Louis Botha’s expenses, which include medical care, therapy and daily transport to and from 23 different schools.