R83 million for school, but no learners


Since construction began in 2017, R83 million has been spent on the Mayibuye Primary School so far. However, the school still does not have a single learner.

The Gauteng provincial government’s portfolio committee on infrastructure development and property management visited the school in Tembisa this week to determine for themselves what the state of affairs is. Bones Modise, committee chairman, confirmed when asked that the school is still not ready to open its doors.

The biggest obstacle is a sewage leak, says Modise.

“We cannot open a school with sewage lying permanently on the site. It’s just not hygienic and poses a health risk for our learners,” says Modise.

The committee will now approach the Johannesburg Metro Board about the problem. “They must ensure that the sewer connection is moved,” says Modise.

RNews previously reported on the school which was supposed to be put into use in 2017. At the time it turned out that it cost the province around R82 million to build the school.

Mayibuye Primary School in Tembisa is still not completed

During the inspection visit, piles of bricks were still lying around on the premises. There were cupboards and furniture in some of the classrooms, while the floors of others were not even finished.

Some of the classroom ceilings were also sagging.

Concerns because the school is believed to be built on a wetland have already been raised earlier. The committee had previously made a finding that the school posed a danger to learners and teachers as the wetland could potentially weaken the structure and lead to a collapse.

A new contractor was appointed in the meantime and according to Modise was busy “finishing the last job”.

“During our visit, the contractor was on duty and completing the final tasks,” says Modise.

The biggest concern now is the sewage on the school grounds.

“If we have packed it, we can apply for an occupation certificate again,” he says.

Mayibuye Primary School in Tembisa is still not completed