Racism makes ‘welfare bleed’


Solidarity made a plea to the Gauteng Department of Social Development to deal with “the impending social crisis” in this province and not to blame them for racial prejudice.

Several welfare organizations are facing bankruptcy after they have not yet received their service level agreements or grant for the year from the department.

Solidarity strongly condemned the state of affairs.

He also accuses the department of racial prejudice and asks in his letter that the department should abandon this approach.

According to Solidarity, the organization has received numerous complaints from members connected to its Solidarity Social Workers Network who have not received their promised allowance.

The department had earlier undertaken to pay out subsidies to these organizations by 24 May.

“The department of social development is seriously threatening the existence of welfare organizations that are focused on uplifting the most vulnerable in our communities,” believes Bianca Smit, network coordinator for the Solidarity Social Workers Network.

“While the organizations are trying to empower those among us who have the least, the department wants to push the same organizations over the precipice.”

Smit believes that the department may also withhold grants due to the recent statements of the acting head of department, Bongani Ngomane, when he threatened “too white welfare organisations” with the withholding of subsidies.

Solidarity believes this is an example of racism and discrimination against the most vulnerable in society, which the state is guilty of. While a department is collapsing, at the same time he wants to punish others who provide good service.

Solidarity further believes that the effects of the unpaid grant will be felt much wider than just the welfare organisations.

“While South Africa is facing a social crisis and discussions about it are dominated by abuses of power and racial prejudice, the plan from the state’s point of view is to strangle those who make a contribution to improvement,” says Smit.

Solidarity demands action by the department to defuse the crisis and pay grants to those organizations that have not yet received their rightful share.

Meanwhile, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi confirmed earlier this week that the grant will soon be paid out to those organizations that qualify for it.