Ramaphosa: ‘ANC now stronger, confident of another victory’


Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa believes that the ANC is now stronger than ever and he is confident that the ruling party will once again achieve victory during this year’s general election.

Those who believe that the ANC can only be wiped out are under the wrong impression as the party is “embedded in the lives and hearts of our people”.

During his speech at the ANC’s 112th anniversary celebration, Ramaphosa said that the party is the oldest liberation movement in the world and it is the party that brought freedom to the people and changed the country.

Other “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck parties” can come and go as they please, but will not have the same influence as the ANC.

“When the ANC talks about uniting the people of this country, we do so in the knowledge that we are the organization best placed to unite the widest cross-section of people behind the cause of building a better country.

“We exist as the ANC to serve our people and our mission remains the improvement of the lives of the people of South Africa.”

Ramaphosa believes the ANC is confident that the party will be victorious again during this year’s election. “The ANC loves a challenge. We succeed when we face diversity.”

There is still a lot to do, but according to Ramaphosa, the ANC has succeeded in changing the lives of the people of South Africa for the better.

As in numerous previous speeches, Ramaphosa referred to all the ANC’s “successes”, including access to running water and electricity, social grants, a higher literacy rate and black economic empowerment.

According to Ramaphosa, more time is needed to erase the influence of colonialism and apartheid.