Ramaphosa must say about Cele’s targets


Bheki Cele, the minister of police,’s performance agreement comes to an end this month. AfriForum strongly doubts whether the minister has achieved his targets. That is why the civil rights organization wrote a letter to Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa requesting detailed feedback on Cele’s professional performance, as expected of him according to his presidential performance agreement.

A petition that was launched last year to get rid of Cele has already received 30,000 signatures.

The agreement signed between Cele and Ramaphosa entered into force in June 2019 and will come to an end in April this year. The agreement stipulates clear targets that Cele is expected to achieve in relation to the reduction of crime and successful prosecution.

According to the performance agreement, Cele is expected to ensure, among other things, the following obligations:

  • A 70% conviction rate for serious fraud and corruption in the private sector.
  • A 70% conviction rate for serious fraud and corruption in the public sector.
  • That 90% of the drug syndicates that have been identified are exposed and that those involved are arrested.
  • That 90% of the illegal laboratories that have been identified are closed and that those involved are arrested.
  • That 72% of registered serious organized crime project investigations are successfully closed.
  • That 100% of the illegal mining operations identified are responded to in relation to requests received.
  • A 6.9% reduction in crimes against women.

“If one looks at the crime situation in South Africa, it is almost certain that Cele has not achieved its targets as set out in its performance agreement. The president himself assured the citizens that action will be taken against cabinet ministers who do not meet their targets. That is why we want detailed feedback on the matter and for the president to indicate what steps will be taken against Cele, should the assessment indicate that he has been lax,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s chief spokesperson for community safety.

“Crime is one of the biggest issues that affects every citizen of this country. We cannot afford to have a person in such an important role as Minister of Police, who does not perform, is out of touch with the current crime problem and is incompetent. It’s simple, Cele has to go,” concludes Broodyrk.

Sign the petition for Ramaphosa to act against Cele, here.