Rand Water meets with mayors about high consumption


Rand Water says it notices an upward trend in water use in most Gauteng metros. These metros use more than 75% of all water delivered by Rand Water.

Ramateu Monyokolo, chairman of the institution’s board, is now meeting with the mayors to discuss high water use. He has already met with the mayors of Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg. Both gave their support for the technical team’s efforts to reduce consumption and promote the initiatives for it at lower levels as well.

“Rand Water has a similar meeting in mind with the office of the mayor of Tshwane, but has not received an answer so far,” says a statement from Rand Water.

Rand Water’s overall storage capacity dropped to less than 30% over the weekend and residents were warned that the system was under immense pressure.

The system was “low but stable” by Monday evening.

Rand Water delivers bulk drinking water to 18 municipalities, including the Gauteng metros, through a network of connected reservoirs. “High consumption in one area or system puts pressure on the entire system. The daily technical meetings of Rand Water and Gauteng metros to discuss and introduce technical solutions are still continuing,” says the institution.

However, when the metro areas’ use rises, Rand Water has to pump more and more water there, depleting the supply.

“Rand Water continues to consult with the Gauteng metros in efforts to reduce their water usage and prevent interrupted supply.”