Rape victim now wants to help others


The girl who was raped in March 2021 by Deon Broekman (57) in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, now wants to help other rape victims with her mother to talk about what happened to them.

“They should not be afraid. Many women and children who have been raped soon cover it up. Parents must also believe their children when they open up about this,” the mother tells RNews on condition of anonymity.

Broekman (57) was sentenced to life imprisonment in the regional court in Lydenburg last Monday for the rape of the girl. The girl was 12 years old at the time of the rape.

The rape took place in March 2021 at a family barbecue.

Earlier, the police disclosed information that the rape took place when the girl’s mother left her alone with Broekman. However, the mother told RNews that this information is not correct.

“It happened during a family barbecue where other women and children were present. My child was not alone with the man,” said the mother.

According to the mother, her child was “not herself” in the afternoon after the braai. She also had a new cell phone. RNews reported earlier that Broekman gave the girl a mobile phone in an attempt to silence her.

“She was in a state. I asked her what was wrong. She started crying and then came up with the whole bag of sweet potatoes.”

The mother then reported a case of rape to the police in Lydenburg.

Broekman was a fire chief and, according to the mother, a bigot in Lydenburg.

“Everyone knew and trusted him.”

Broekman was also sentenced to two years in prison for sexual preparation, which will be served concurrently with the life sentence.

The court banned Broekman from ever working with children again. He has been declared incompetent to own a firearm and his name will be entered on the sex offenders’ register.