Reader’s Letter: Count Your Blessings


Uncle Johan van Riversdal writes:

For many years it felt as if the blessings to be counted must all be one of the many spiritual blessings, whether health, prosperity, happiness and that sort of thing. So over the years one realizes that people and what they do are sources of rich blessing.

I can go on and on about that. These days, for me, it is very much about what I can read, see and hear through the media. There was not much left of reading, seeing and listening pleasure, but fortunately there are still some exceptions that do provide it.

Somewhere I read a saying: “When I count my blessings, I always count you twice“. That’s how I feel about RNews. Yes, that’s how I feel about it RNews-team! The radio offers little and the Burger is read through within half an hour. It’s been years since I last bought a magazine and for more than thirty years I’ve managed without a TV.

Back to RNews who speaks to me every day in the language of my heart, the most beautiful language I know. It’s my blessing that I always count twice. It has been like this for years now and it will remain like this for years to come. RNews is a backseat treat that usually makes me wish a day had more hours.

For each special blessing, thanks and appreciation must be expressed:

Thank you for broad news coverage conservatively presented by separating the wheat from the chaff.

Thanks for outstanding journalism.

Thanks for outstanding comments by experts without hidden agendas.

Thanks for omitting sensationalist and sleazy reporting.

Thanks for careful language editing.

Thank you for hope in a world where hope fades.

Thank you for courage for the discouraged.

Thank you for the blue bar at the very top with its many windows that can be opened to your heart’s content to shed light on what really matters.

Thank you for loving and caring for readers worldwide RNews read and appreciate.

“Thank you” is the most beautiful word in the most beautiful language I know.

And now I can sit back and count all my other blessings. For that I need a lot of time because one reminds me of the other. Each of them testifies to God’s grace which is sufficient for us.