Reader’s letter: David, you iron!


Magda Maas writes:

This morning I am again whirling through 1 Samuel 17 and this text reminds me that each of us’s love for God and his church should be a passion.

An adventure where, like David, we went to visit his brothers on the battlefield and were surprised that Goliath had been behaving like a barbarian in front of God’s people for 40 days with his dirty and degrading provocation. Worse, everyone was terrified of the foul-mouthed giant.

David wanted to know what will happen to the man who kills the giant and stops this noise. He rightly asks in verse 16 who does he think he is that he mocks the people of the living God like that. The men are still hiding.

Right there, David flips and does something. He is completely convinced that the God of Israel will not tolerate this humiliation and he who is David will not just stand and watch. He has already killed a bear with his bare hands, the Philistine is nothing more than that.

“But David said to the Philistine: You come to fight against me with a sword and a spear and a crooked sword, but I fight against you in the name of the mighty Lord, the God of the people of Israel, whom you mocked. ” (1 Samuel 17:45).

I am convinced that most of us do not really realize the greatness of God. You, dear Christian, unpack your weapons – prayer, faith, perseverance, common sense and wisdom.

Let’s stop hiding behind excuses and sin and put the giants in their place.