Reader’s letter: Dr. Annelie Rabie for state president!


Wouter and Corrie Hugo van Kleinmond write:

There is a saying that if you want something done you have to ask a woman. The Overstrand is particularly privileged to be able to have such a woman in the person of Dr. Annelie Rabie, our esteemed mayor.

Last week after the flood damage in the Overstrand, this formidable woman showed what can be done if the will is there to do it. A true leader’s colors show sharp and clear when it comes to a crisis situation and here she showed her mettle par excellence.

We have already seen how she moves around before the flood and where she arrives something actually happens. She definitely leads from the start and doesn’t let herself be held back by women’s usual limitations. On occasion, she even found herself standing on Kleinmond in the back of a bakkie in a dress and high heels – and laughed at herself.

Indeed, she does not shy away from anything – visits a pig farm to look after the pigs’ well-being; is at the unrest in the squatter camps there where there is talk – and of course the week everywhere in the Overstrand where there is work.

Dr. Rabie keeps her finger firmly on the pulse and ensures that orders are carried out. She definitely has to cope with little sleep because we got messages from her just after six in the morning about the state of affairs. She is matter-of-fact and to the point and keeps all the residents up to date on the state of affairs – short and to the point and without twisting or hiding things.

It is clear that she is not afraid of hard work – and that she serves as inspiration and motivation for everyone around her. In addition, she knows her own limitations and does not hesitate to consult others and ask for help where she does not know how.

Dr. Rabie is certainly not a proverbial cat to be tackled without gloves and expresses her displeasure with injustice that takes place in the midst of the storm damage – such as the guards who were attacked and robbed at the Palmiet Bridge (they have to direct the traffic over the Palmiet Bridge which has flood damage , control).

From her actions, it also appears that she has compassion for people and that for her it is not just about a job or a portfolio. The Overstrand can be rightly proud of someone of her caliber. Just think what South Africa would look like with such a woman as state president! Don’t communities and indeed our entire country need more people like that?