Reader’s letter: Goats’ latest concern


Cornelius Petersen writes:

The challenges for the Springboks just don’t want to disappear either.

Fortunately, the Irish vs. Scotland result brought some peace to the Bok camp after their place in the quarter-finals was secured. The dust has not settled yet, because a new concern now lies at their door.

Our South African government already received notice more than two years ago that their legislation against the use of prohibited substances (Anti-Doping Code) must be put in place. So far not a finger has been lifted. As a result, the Boks will not be able to play in their official green and gold jerseys, as another punitive measure they will also not be able to display the South African flag or sing the national anthem before the games.

In the midst of all the stress for our team, parliamentarians sit and argue about the redistribution of land, the bridging funds to SA Link, and many other irrelevant matters.

The chances of the Goats winning this World Cup for a second consecutive time are in the balance. The management’s focus is interrupted, which now has to wonder if compliance with the code will be put in place in time. Supporters can clearly notice the frustrations when press releases are made.

We know that South Africa has been given junk status in recent years, but seriously. To threaten an opportunity that can unite our country like this is outrageous. I don’t know if they know, but if South Africa wins, President Ramaphosa won’t even be able to be part of the ceremony.

The government has until 13 October 2023 to comply with the requirement. In the meantime, rugby fans and citizens must wait and see if the government will do the honorable thing.